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03 – Grollier B

Brings Joy – Remake turning ornamental ivory ‘600


Material: polyamide sintered

Size: 12 x 12 x 33 cm

Available colors: ivory – ivory gold – ebony gold – mother of pearl – Chinese red lacquer – Swarovski

Shipping: Italy € 25,00 – EU € 30.00 – Non EU € 50.00


Product Description


Tribute to Grollier de Servière

In the seventeenth century They collected objects for the sake formal and material that could satisfy the aesthetic sense and possession.
Turnings ornamental ivory could be found in all major European courts between objects of desires and wunder-kammer of royal families.
Timeless forms, proportions and harmonies of the age of the exaltation of form, now revived thanks to Ushak – Atelier of wonders.
Although elephant ivory, “returns to the spool” and technical skills are no longer available to date, the new contemporary craftsmanship can bring back into production faithful and accurate these objects, with unchanged flavor, to adorn the houses of the XXI century.
Are fireworks to admire in simple geometrical complications that become artistic compositions.
To Grolliere de Servière is one of the few collections of the ‘600 as seen also document and whose designs are reborn “The Porta Gioia”.